Watch for Me NC

In 2013 the Carrboro Police Department teamed up with Watch For Me NC, a program funded by the University of North Carolina's Traffic Safety Research Center, to promote greater safety for pedestrians and bicycles in the Town of Carrboro. North Carolina has a rate of motor vehicle crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists that is on par with numbers from California, despite having a significantly smaller population. Watch For Me NC has designed programs and initiatives not only to educate drivers of motor vehicles on safer driving practices but also to encourage safer practices among bicyclists and pedestrians.

In our efforts to promote bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle safety the Carrboro Police Department participates in many safety events, meetings, and operations. We work closely with local organizations and businesses to promote safety for all who walk, bike, or drive in the Town of Carrboro.

Events include:
Bike to work day
Bike/Walk to school day
Pedestrian Crosswalk Operations
Bicycle Safety Operations
Presentations given to schools