What Is the Stormwater Advisory Commission?

The Town Code (Section 3-24.15) presents the purpose of the Carrboro Stormwater Advisory Commission[1] to: investigate and advise the Town Council on policies, ordinances, best management practices, ordinance provisions and administrative procedures regarding stormwater management; review the Town’s Stormwater Management Program and Plan, stormwater compliance activities, and other stormwater related plans and reports, and make recommendations to prioritize or adjust activities; investigate and provide recommendations regarding stormwater runoff for new development and re-development projects; and fulfill the Town’s requirements under its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II stormwater permit for citizens’ input of stormwater management activities.

The Commission is formed of seven citizen volunteers appointed by the Town Council. The Commission meets monthly. All meetings are open public meetings. Agendas are advertised, and minutes are kept to document the Commission’s deliberations. Seats on the Commission are advertised and filled annually. To apply for open commission positions submit this form[2].

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