Westwood Cemetery Master Plan

On September 19, 2023, Carrboro Town Council approved the Westwood Cemetery Master Plan prepared by Carter van Dyke Associates (CVDA).  The Master Plan for the 8.73-acre existing cemetery includes the following improvements: 

  • Expanded areas for burial plotsWestwood Master Plan (Approved 09-19-2023) Landscape
  • Diversified interment options    
  • New loop road access to improve traffic safety
  • Asphalt and mulch walking paths
  • A rain garden to limit erosion
  • Reflection area with seating, flags, and memorial wall
  • New fence that will encompass the cemetery 
  • Tree plantings
  • Undeveloped greenspace

Diversified interment options include:

  • 631 Conventional Burial Plots (In-ground)
  • 410 Natural (Green) Burial Plots (In-ground)
  • 631 Cremains Burial Plots (In-ground)
  • 400 Cremains (Columbaria)
  • 1,000+ Cremains (Ossuary)

The Master Plan will be developed through a phased approach dictated by burial demand and the availability of funding. The cost to construct the entire master plan as proposed is estimated to cost $630,000. Potential revenues from plot sales proposed in the master plan may exceed $1.5 million.

Next Steps

Phase 1 will consist of surveying and plotting of the site, construction of a loop road, and revisions to the Town Code to allow for the additional burial options. This phase also includes the placement of 631 additional conventional plots and allows green burials. The loop road will provide easy access to the new plots and will be designed to minimize traffic congestion. 

Phase 2 involves more substantial construction, including landscaping, utilities, benches, an entrance sign, flagpoles, columbaria, and walking paths. The landscaping will include a variety of trees and shrubs that are native to the area. The benches will provide a comfortable place for visitors to sit and reflect. The entrance sign and flagpoles will be designed to be both welcoming and respectful. The columbaria will provide a dignified resting place for cremated remains. The walking paths will allow visitors to explore the cemetery and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.